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Developing Inspiring Spaces

At Mattison Capital we maintain a very active policy of acquiring land and buildings for development. If you feel that you may have something suitable for us, Please do get in contact with us.

Mattison Capital is an innovative and pioneering asset management company focused on construction and developing, sustainable high cash flow residential & commercial property portfolio in A1 town and city centre locations with 100 miles radius of London. Our core business is converting offices to residential, though we also deal in small land developments.

Mattison are able to consider sites unconditionally and subject to planning, due to the strong financial position, as well as the ability to draw on substantial funding resources.


Tomorrow’s Land Today

Mattison Capital is actively seeking development opportunities within 100 miles of London. We specialise in land with or without planning consent and are always happy to discuss any possible development.

We wouldn’t expect you to sell your land without question; in fact we’d encourage you to ask us questions if it helps you make the best decision for you.

We may make you realise how you can maximise the value of your property through development and will look at different ways of taking the development further through partnering, joint ventures, the use of overages or simply buying the site outright.



Complete Investor Services

Are you a High Net Worth individual looking to invest in larger opportunities, with full security and excellent rates of return?

At any one time we are looking at larger opportunities that may require an element of private funding and so we often have special short, medium and long term off-market investment opportunities, available for investors who are looking for asset backed opportunities with clearly defined exits and excellent rates of return.

If you have cash reserves available and you would like us to notify you of JV private and finance opportunities to earn healthy returns on your capital, register your details using the form below.


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